Roads on Love's Farm

Statement from Gallagher UK

Carillion, Gallagher UK’s Contractor, will be working on manhole lids across site until the end of Feb, lowering the higher ones and creating softer ramping. There will be some traffic restrictions and road closures during this time, which will be accompanied by appropriate diversions and written communication.

Carriageway works will be taking place on Stone Hill, Foxbrook, Whiston Way, between mid March and end of June. This will include final surfacing, block paving and traffic calming features (e.g. traffic islands) ready for road adoption.

In addition, a substantial part of Love’s Farm is going to be resurfaced to bring the temporary tarmac surface up to the correct levels (not the final surface level) - so expect some activity on all of the roads over the next few months.

The bus gate will be commissioned and in operation by end of July.

Dates are a guidance only and subject to change.

Can all residents be reminded of the 10mph speed limit onsite. It has been noted that some residents are driving at excessive speeds.