Street Reps 

srIf you have a great idea on how to make your street a better place to live for you and your neighbours, then your Street Rep would love to hear from you. Or, if there's a problem on your street, or you have a question and don't know where to find the answer, then your Street Rep is the person to go to! 

Your Street Rep can help on a range of issues and can bring problems to the attention of Love's Farm Community Association.

Street reps are volunteers who support your street by:
  • Helping to build community on your street
  • Welcoming new residents to your street
  • Ensuring the Love's Farm newsletter gets delivered on your street
  • Reporting problems or concerns affecting your street
  • Being the link between your street and the Love's Farm Community Association
  • Sharing their contact details so that you and your neighbours know who to get in touch with
  • Doing anything else they can think of to help make your street a better place to live!
You can find out if your street has a Street rep by looking on the map or you can send them a message.

If your street does not currently have a street rep, why not volunteer?