Love's Farm Community Plan 

Our Loves' Farm –a fantastic opportunity to shape our community


What does ‘community’ mean to you? We have all chosen to make our home in Love's Farm our challenge is to make Love's Farm the place to be in St Neots.

Moving to an emerging community such as ours and creating a sense of place and belonging goes far beyond our own front door – it is an exciting opportunity for all of us to get involved and shape our community.

Residents have worked with the Community Association to update the community plan. It’s an interactive process so we need you to get involved, to tell us what you think and share your views. This plan is for everyone!

Love's Farm – moving on

The Community Association, with the community, have refreshed the Love’s Farm community plan for 2017/18.

The plan is a document that brings together all the great things we do as a community and the actions we can take together for our local area in the future.

It can be used to influence people and help us with funding or campaigning on issues and will be reviewed annually by the Love’s Farm Community Association and residents.

Community focus – what we will do

The plan highlights actions that can be taken by our community to deliver our priorities for this year. There are two priorities, firstly to build great relationships in our community and secondly to develop and manage shared resources and spaces.

One: Building great relationships in our community

  1. We will promote Love’s Farm as the place to live in St Neots and the positive things we do as a community
  2. We will support new groups and individuals who want to be involved in our community and support the values and commitments in our community plan
  3. We will continue to run SMART events and make equipment for community tidy/litter picks/dog poo spraying available to the community from the Farm House in-between events
  4. We will continue to work with and lobby those who influence change in our community and enable us to deliver our priorities  e.g BPHA, councillors, community providers and local businesses 

Two: Develop and manage shared resources and spaces

  1. We will work with planners for future developments which impact us to ensure there is appropriate infrastructure e.g  road networks, school places, parking, links
  2. We will ensure that lack of capacity at Round House school is a critical issue for the county council and work with planners to enable our children to attend their local school on Love’s Farm where they wish to do so. 
  3. We will actively manage the transition of the estate towards its completion to ensure that infrastructure and work with authorities to ensure parking controls are implemented in a positive way for our community and those who visit Love’s Farm 
  4. We will consider the diversity of the community of Love’s Farm in the decisions and actions we make for and on behalf of our community 


Community values and commitments to each other

The community plan also outlines the values of our community to enable our community to continue to grow and develop by working together to deliver positive outcomes for all our residents.
Underpinning the Love’s Farm Community Plan are three values:

  1. We are considerate of our community and each other and show kindness to one another and the places we share
  2. We recognise the diverse community of Love’s Farm in all that we do and use our shared spaces in a way which is understanding of everyone's needs
  3. We promote Love’s Farm as the place to live; our quiet green open spaces, our great homes, school, access links and community spirit 

We have also included in the plan community commitments:

  • The Love’s Farm Community Association will act as ambassadors for Love’s Farm and its residents and will create opportunities for our community to have a voice and work with our community to action our communities’ priorities in the Community Plan
  • As residents we will let the Love’s Farm Community Association know what we would like them to do on our behalf and participate in events and activities and provide feedback to support our community, our Community Plan and to make Love’s Farm a great place to live 

Loves Farm Community Association (LFCA)

The Community Association, which is the group representing each of us on the development, is keen to ensure that the association takes forwards the priorities the community has identified. The Annual General Meeting will update on progress with the community plan.

You can see the proposal which the LFCA agreed to take forward here >>.

The LFCA is keen to hear what you have to say about our community. In developing the plan we will work together to let everyone know what our community is already doing, for example:

  • Round House school capacity
  • Parking solutions
  • Northern access
  • Smart days
  • Eastern expansion and Wintringham Park 

We will also agree what new things should be done first and realistic ways of doing it - for example improving our environment further, looking at parking and also access at the north end of the development. We will be really clear about who will do it, how and by when. We will also say if it’s not something we can achieve.


If you are interested in getting involved in the community plan then get in touch, come along to the next LFCA meeting, (the dates are here), 'like' our Facebook page or email us at

We want to know what you think as, after all, it is all of OUR Loves Farm!