Shops - It's Tesco!

District Councillors finally rubber-stamped the plans for the retail centre and community centre at a meeting of the Development Management Panel on Monday night.

Gallagher have indicated that they have signed an Agreement for Lease with Tesco for the main retail unit. There may need to be revised detailed planning for Station Square which means that it is unlikely to be completed this year and we are probably looking at completion in Spring 2013.

Gallagher state that there is every chance that we will be looking at completion of the local centre and Station Square at about the same time in Spring 2013.
Bryn 20/03/2012 09:41
Yay :)
Sally Tilley 20/03/2012 18:30
Great news!
Russell Eades 22/03/2012 10:24
Great news!

Do you know when they will start building?
Julie 02/04/2012 10:27
Great to finally have some news, but sorely disappointed to hear it's going to be yet another Tesco.
Ken Buchanan 13/04/2012 19:51
This is disgusting news.

Have these council members no morals?

Tesco are a hideous organisation and should never have been granted permission for this over better retailers like Co-Op and Sainsburys.

Tesco will be getting not one shilling of business from me, i will continue with the stroll down to Spar for convenience and my home delivery from Sainsburys.
grant morrison 22/04/2012 21:57
Not another Tesco in St Neots.Why is that?

Marcus Pickering 23/04/2012 13:42
George - the council simply gave planning permission for a retail outlet. They didn't choose the tenant.

The decision for Tesco is purely a commercial arrangement between Gallagher and Tesco. No-one is party to the commercial details leading to that decision, nor do we even know if Sainsburys or Co-Op (or any other retailer, for that matter) were interested.
Charlie Brown 11/12/2012 13:00
That is still unfortunate what with there already being two other Tesco stores in Eynesbury and Eaton Socon.

Sainsbury, Asda, Morrison would have at least given us a variety.
sacha bloomsmar 03/04/2013 23:44
still no sign of work starting though
lisa prior 09/05/2013 13:25
Since we can now see the shop/shops being built does anyone know for sure what it will be? as there is more talk of asda and tesco both applying for it?