UPDATED: New Bus for Love's Farm

There is a new half-hourly bus service, the X4, from St Neots to Cambridge, via Love's Farm.

The bus leaves St Neots town centre, runs via Longsands, through the new bus gate at the top of Love's Farm, stopping on Love's Farm on Great High Ground, Station Square, and Cambridge Road before running non-stop to Morrisons in Cambourne, then non-stop to Cambridge town centre.

The half-hourly service takes only a few minutes to reach St Neots town centre and around 40 minutes to reach the centre of Cambridge.

Please note - from Stagecoach: "Until the Priory Hill bus gate opens in late summer buses will use Longsands Road, Station Road, Cambridge Road, and Dramsell Rise. This is both directions."

Sharon Nicholson 29/04/2012 16:46
regarding the X4 bus service..where will you get the bus into st. neots town centre (which only takes a few minutes to reach...i can vouch that it takes longer than that) if it's a direct route non-stop to cambourne then on to cambridge? And more importantly it states that it is to come through the gate at the top end of the estate...well as i live right next to it i can also vouch that it would be ludicrous and very dangerous to even consider the idea of anything entering/exiting through this new gate. The reason is that Redrow are building on their plot right next to the gate. Millers own the opposite side(next to Bargroves avenue) and i'm not sure if they have started on their site or if Redrow are using it to store all their builing materials on.What I can definately say is that sometimes i can't even get out of, or back into my road when the various lorries and contractors etc are there. It makes no sense to do this route for the X4 UNTIL both sides of the gate have been built on.I am not knocking the idea (as i would like the gate to be open for the residents who live near it to use it) but its just not safe to do this yet.
Marcus Pickering 01/05/2012 13:51
See responses to the same question in the forums:
Wojciech 16/06/2012 23:03
I am not sure where on Cambridge Road this bus is supposed to stop. The old bus stop where 4 and 62 were stopping (including the ghost bus stop - no sign) is no longer in use, as X4 goes around it.

What about a bus stop between train viaduct and first roundabout, near the water well?

Marcus Pickering 23/06/2012 19:04
On the timetable the timing point is at Love's Way so that's where it should stop. The bus is currently on diversion because the bus gate at the top of the site isn't finished. It will all come good at the end of the summer when the bus gate is finished. See the link above for the planned route.
David 02/07/2012 15:27
I hope that when the bus gate opens a stop will be put in so that passengers from the top end have a stop before it get to great high ground both ways as a ex bus driver from london I can tell you one is needed