The Big Community Litter Pick - THANKS!!

Litter Team
A huge THANK YOU to the 25 volunteers who gathered on Saturday and collected over 40 bags of rubbish.

Advertising paid dividends at Saturday's litter pick, with a massive turn out despite the constant threat (which materialised in the end!) of torrential rainfall. Three groups of volunteers, including at least one little person and a dog, spread out along the routes Katie had carefully planned out. The original plan was to meet at the railway bridge for a big final push, but there was so much litter in other areas (e.g. the reed bed near Gorham Way) that not everyone made it on time. There was a wide variety and size of litter all over the estate which, although disappointing, was efficiently collected, culminating in over 40 bags of rubbish, but probably only scratching the surface. Well done, and a big thank you to all those who braved the dog poo, the spare tyres, TVs, cigarette ends, 'normal' litter and the rain to tidy up our Love's Farm. Hope to see you again (and others who couldn't make it this weekend) at the next litter pick.

A special thank you to Matt Hall, HDC Ranger, who came along with his truck to help collect all the bags from around site and pile them up for collection. Also for his great skills in climbing into ditches and dragging out all manner of interesting items!

We also want to say a big thank you to St Neots Football Club who brought along free match day tickets to those who took part. Anyone who took advantage of those tickets will have seen our local team win 8-0 to win the league and seal promotion!
Litter Cambridge Road
Harry and Rini Patel, 23/04/2012