Roads Update

You'll have seen a few things happening on Stone Hill and the surrounding area and might be wondering when it's all going to be complete.

Footway works should be complete by the end of May, but surfacing of the road itself won't start until the beginning of June. This is to allow time for the adopting authority to carry out drainage checks etc. Once surfacing does start it should be complete by end of June, but of course if the start date slips then so will the end date.

At the same time other carriageway works will be taking place across the site to raise the levels slightly. All should be complete by end of July.

UPDATED 17th AUG: According to the latest information from Gallagher, work is due to start on 22nd August 2012 and be completed by 16th November 2012.
Sharon Nicholson 12/05/2012 00:59
i note you say'raise the levels slightly' but how many kerbs have you ever seen that are (in some places) a foot high?
Also, are they really sure that they have resolved all the issues with the drains.(which were apparantly laid too deep in the beginning)?