Free training for residents

Katie Baldwin, bpha Community Development Officer has been working with Hunts Forum to organise an opportunity of free training for Love’s Farm residents.

They would like to work with Love’s Farm residents to potentially form a Community Action Plan or Community Charter (or both).

The sessions would comprise of

Introductions and registrations
What is community?
Diversity and culture
Roles of community volunteers
Understanding the importance of community engagement within the local area
Working together

These sessions will be a chance residents to recognise what has already been achieved at Love’s Farm and how they move it forward. If you are thinking about getting involved but not sure what you can offer then come along!

The ultimate outcomes will be the production/development of a community plan/charter relevant to Loves Farm.

There would be one registration session and then 3 evening sessions over the period of a month- end June to end July. Please get in touch with Tracy ( Katie ( if you are interested.

Please see this flyer for more information >>