Carl Jones Resigns from LFCA

Carl Jones, chairperson of Love's Farm Community Association issued the following statement:

After much deliberation we have decided to take full advantage of the opportunities thrown up by being made redundant. We will soon be packing up and moving to Portugal to help set up a community based on sustainable and ethical living principles.

I will be stepping down from LFCA and we need to start looking for somebody with the energy and enthusiasm to take the association forward. I will be around until the end of September but I will have to put more of my time into planning our life-changing move.

Love's Farm and LFCA owe a debt of gratitude to Carl for the hard work he has put in over the last 4 years in setting up and running the Community Association and helping to establish the great community here. We wish him well!

We'll issue more details in due course about the next steps. The Annual General Meeting, at which officers are elected is currently slated for Friday 12th October. Please do start thinking about whether you might have something to bring to the role of chair, or you know someone else who does! If you need more information at this stage, please get in touch.