Roads Update - 3rd October

Most of you will already be aware that Stone Hill is now closed while surfacing works are carried out.

Carrillion, Gallagher's contractor, have provided us with some useful information as to the likely programme of works over the next few weeks. This is subject to change as block paving, particularly, is weather dependent.
  • Block paving on Stone Hill (including the central crossroads) is likely to continue for around 3 weeks, taking us to around 19th October. Stone Hill will be closed to through traffic for most of this time.
  • There will then follow 2 weeks of block paving work on Great High Ground. This is for some small areas of block paving - Great High Ground won't be completely surfaced until after construction work is finished.
  • Following this, final tarmac surfacing will take place on Stone Hill to fill in areas that haven't been block paved. This is anticipated to occur early/mid November
Thanks to Alex Bedford at Carillon for the update. We expect to get another update from Alex in a couple of weeks' time.

Marcus Pickering, 03/10/2012