New Play Areas - UPDATED

The tender for the new play areas in and around the woods to the north of the football ground (known to some as "Auntie's Woods") was awarded to The Children's Playground Co Ltd

The Children's Playground Co have organised a public consultation to take place on Monday 26th November from 7pm to 10pm in the Reedman's Bar at St Neots FC. Please do come along and see the plans and give your feedback. You can download some plans below, though I would anticipate there being clearer information available at the consulation.

The company was selected by Hunts District Council as they have a great range of equipment which was felt to complement the woodland setting. They also have a good track record of working with local community groups on consultation  to ensure that the equipment which is installed is what all the residents of all ages and abilities want.

The designs so far are for a three zone area suitable for children of all ages. Once the designs are complete, they will be submitted to HDC. If the designs are accepted, the company will be commissioned to supply and install the equipment.

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Marcus Pickering, 20/11/2012