Love's Farm Community Plan

OUR Loves Farm –a fantastic opportunity to shape our community

What does ‘community’ mean to you? We have all chosen to make our home in Love's Farm our challenge is to make Love's Farm the place to be in St Neots.

Moving to an emerging community such as ours and creating a sense of place and belonging goes far beyond our own front door – it is an exciting opportunity for all of us to get involved and shape our community.

The LFCA want to develop a community plan over the next year or so which would aim to build on the great things we already have; our quiet green open spaces, our great homes, school, our access links and community spirit and work towards making it even better.

We need you to get involved, to tell us what you think and share your views. This plan is for everyone!

Love's Farm - Just the start

We received lots of comments from those who came along to the community annual meeting on 12 October. We heard about the things they love about living here and the things that they would like improved. 

The themes won’t be a surprise to you and many were captured from the door knocking survey the Association carried out and the community listening event.

From the comments we’ve received we’ve come up with some themes which could become the building blocks of our community plan. We think the priority areas for our community might be:

Respect for each other – being considerate of each other and our environment
Sharing spaces – using our shared spaces in a way which is understanding of everyone’s needs
Places for people – developing our community infrastructure and supporting events and initiatives
Building our community – promoting Loves Farm as the place to be

But what are your thoughts?

Loves Farm Community Association (LFCA)

The group representing each of us on the development is keen to get started on this project. At the AGM meeting on 12 October the LFCA agreed to take on the development of a community plan for Loves Farm.

You can see the proposal which the LFCA agreed to take forward here, it explains what the community plan might and what it might mean for our community.

The LFCA is keen to hear what you have to say about our community. In developing the plan we will work together to let everyone know what our community is already doing, for example:

• the bid for the Community Centre
• the work with Hunts District Council for more play facilities for children
• the community events
• school expansion
• building of the commercial units
• the station bridge.

We will also agree what new things should be done first and realistic ways of doing it - for example improving our environment further, looking at parking and also access at the north end of the development. We will be really clear about who will do it, how and by when. We will also say if it’s not something we can achieve.


If you are interested in getting involved in the community plan then get in touch, come along to the next LFCA meeting, (the dates are here), join the facebook group or email us at

We want to know what you think as, after all, it is all of OUR Loves Farm! 

Please leave a comment below (you'll need to log in first) or on the dedicated forum thread.

Philip Gibbs 28/08/2013 11:52
i have been living on Love's Farm for five years.During that time I have been a part of LFCA and have thoroughly enjoyed what it has to offer.Whether it be a tiring committee meeting or a joyous "Event", or a quiet stroll around the many footpaths and green spaces. All have their place in modern living, and are not provided in many new developments. What we need is your participation in the affairs of the LFCA, even if you only drop us a note about the one thing you like or dislike about this development. It has of course been said before
but I am prepared to try once more to get you to participate in your area's development. If you were not here where would you like to be?