CCC will 'revisit' Priory Hill access


Marcus Pickering, 05/10/2012
Rebekah 06/10/2012 11:23

I remember being told about 2 years ago that the farmer who sold his land and still has the farm house but a clause in selling the land. If you come off priory hill and over the old railwaybridge and instead of going right into estate carry straight on there is a private road that leads up to his farmhouse. His access to his house is over the old bridge and straight up to his house. The clause he insisted to put in was that traffic from the new estate would not be using the priory hill access as he beleived it would cause difficulties in rush hour for him to come down the private rd and onto the Loves farm rd out of the estate and over the bridge as the loves farm traffic would have right of way. Also a concern that this would be used as a short cut from priory hill to the A428 and increasing traffic through loves Farm was also the farmers concern and reason he put the clause in. As this is a clause he put into selling his land to Gallaghers there is now nothing that can be done. He has allowed emergency and bus traffic through but not regular traffic for reasons stated above. I don't know how anyone can change what was part of the agreement made between the farmer selling the land and the developers gallaghers.

I live up the top end of Loves Farm and for me to get out of the estate at the bottom and into town adds an exra 2 miles to my journey than if I could get out of the top end onto priory hill. I would love to be able to get out of the estate onto priory hill so I am not fighting against access just sharing what I was told 2 years ago.

Other reasons from the council have been that improvemnets would need to be made to the bridge to allow regular traffic over it. This is seperate to what the farmer and gallagers agreed.

We all got spoilt when due to drainage work down the bottom end of Loves Farm the top end was open for a couple of months as a temp measure. Once people could use that access and realised how much of a difference it made, when they closed it people got angry and questioned why it was not left open.

Personally I would love the priory hill access open but I can see why it isn't :-)