Google Maps

Many of you no doubt use Google Maps to navigate your way around. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that Google recently made rather a hash of some recent updates to Love's Farm including misnaming some roads (sorry Wood Ridge Crescent, you became Day Close) and marking footpaths as roads.

Until around a year ago, Google relied on third party mapping data to draw their maps and this is why Love's Farm took so long to appear on the map at all. Now, Google use their own data, including information drawn from their StreetView cars, but also using feedback from users like you and me.

I've already drawn their attention to some of these problems and they have already responded with some corrections within a few hours. Some more complicated updates do take longer - but they do get there. So, can I urge you to check out your own street and locality and report any errors. Just right click on the map and "report a problem" to contact them. This way, we'll end up with something our vistors can actually use to find us!

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Marcus Pickering, 15/10/2012