Roads Update - 22nd October

You'll have noticed that work is progressing well on Stone Hill, with block paving almost complete. Final tarmac surfacing is due to start in the next couple of days, with some daytime closures expected (diversions via Dramsell Rise as normal). Stone Hill is currently closed (22/10) while block paving is finished, but no more overnight or full weekend closures are expected once the block paving is completed. Some tarmac surfacing will also take place on Dramsell Rise but this will obviously be timed not to coincide with any closures of Stone Hill.

Once block paving is complete on Stone Hill, work will move to Bawlins and Great High Ground for sections of block paving there.

Finally, there will be some tarmac surfacing taking place along the whole length of Great High Ground, though this won't be the top surface. During this time, there may be closures which will necessitate use of the northern access for limited periods.

The bus entrance is due to be completed by Christmas... we are told!

Thanks again to Alex Bedford at Carillion for the update.

Marcus Pickering, 22/10/2012
Sharon Nicholson 24/10/2012 21:48
you say the bus entrance is due to be completed by Christmas...does that mean then that both redrow and abbey will be finished??? unless every double length lorry never need to come up to these two points again then it possibly could be open, but i doubt it. i have trouble getting into and out of bargroves avenue when these lorries arrive/depart, mainly due to the traffic calming islands that stick out everywhere. in fact as you leave bargroves you pull straight into one where you have to give way..this is fine but with all the contractors and subcontractors still insisting on parking their vans/transits you cant even see to get into bargroves or out of it.
Marcus Pickering 25/10/2012 08:30
I've passed on the information I was given by the contractor. From their perspective, this means that they plan to have completed construction work on the bus gate. They aren't responsible for Redrow and Abbey's contractors.

Currently, the road is a cul-de-sac, and this is bound to lead to certain habits of parking. Once the road essentially becomes a through route, this will force a change of habits. The same has happened in many other places on the site as roads have gradually opened and dead-ends have turned overnight from car parks into through roads.

I'm not saying there aren't going to be problems, but circumstances will adapt.

Bryn 19/11/2012 14:49
Is there an update on this Marcus?
Marcus Pickering 20/11/2012 09:31
Bryn, I plan to speak to Carillion later today. We got a letter yesterday (as, I imagine, did all houses to the north of the estate) to say that work is about to start on the upper part of Great High Ground so some access will be via the bus gate during the day.