SMART Clean-up days

Litter Team

Rebranding seems to be modern concept, especially with any change of leadership!

Katie Baldwin has worked tirelessly from the outset of Loves Farm to help us get and keep it tidy. She has been the person liaising with the various councils, contractors and others, and has organised periodic Litter Picks and Clear-ups. Her job has now moved on and, although we will still be supported by bpha, it is time we stood on our own feet as a community. Thank you, Katie, for all your hard work.

So I have taken over responsibility, (Oh Heck!!!), but I want this to be a Community thing so if you have gripes or ideas please let me know.

Here’s what I plan:  Litter Picks will be rebranded as SMART days, to allow us to include reviews of contractors rubbish, tree guards and stakes etc.
  •  SMART days will be advertised on the website, in the newly slimmed down Newsletter and on Facebook, and also on the same lamp posts each time. Watch out!
  • Volunteers will meet at the Pirate Ship and there will be two sessions each SMART day, from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm.
  • I will provide bags, grabbers and High Viz Vests but volunteers should be well wrapped up and bring their own gloves.
  • I am working on ideas of incentives/rewards! Of course not bribes! Watch out!
  • I am aware we need more Bins and that there are problem places and issues. In a recent survey of the Good and Bad about Loves Farm the subject of dog fouling came up again. Please don’t let even the softest pooch out to do it by himself, nor walk ahead of you dog til he’s actually performed. And those people who always pick up their own dog’s droppings, how about taking out an extra bag , for “that one that got away”?
The next SMART days will be Saturdays 17th November, 5th January and 23rd February.

Contact: 01480 211398.

Phyllis Hooper, 28/10/2012