Our newsletter - we need your ideas

In the New Year, we are revamping our newsletter with a fresh new look. We are currently in discussion with the IT department at Longsands School who have offered to help with design, content etc. But, we need your ideas. What is your favourite bit of the current newsletter that you wouldn’t want to lose? Is it the events schedule?  Chairman’s remarks? Community News? Adverts of local companies? Bin collection times?

Philip and Katie have done a sterling job producing the newsletter over the years, but as mentioned in the last newsletter, we need to make it more sustainable long term so we are refreshing the format. We propose to produce a shorter, concise newsletter that links closely with our facebook page and newsletter, but still posted through doors for anyone that doesn’t have access to a computer.

But, we need your input. Please send your thoughts/ ideas to keela.shackell@ourlovesfarm.co.uk 

Introducing Keela

keelaHello, I’m Keela and from January I'm the new editor of the refreshed newsletter. I moved from Exeter to Love's Farm just over a year ago because my partner got a new job at the RSPB, Sandy. I regularly go to Love's Farm events such as the quiz and I volunteer at a local Brownie Pack. I work in communications and the most important thing to me regarding communications is making sure everyone has access to information, through social media such as facebook, through websites, or paper based information. We all like to receive information in different ways, so I’m really hoping to continue the great job Katie/ Philip have done producing the newsletter to date.

A little more about me...

I love to travel, it's a rather expensive hobby but I really enjoy travel writing and have written a travel blog for a number of years. www.mskeela.blogspot.com. I don’t believe travelling is just going overseas, I’m really enjoying exploring Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties. We have a retired greyhound called Sailor and he likes nothing more than exploring. 

A random fact about me

Until recently, the TV series casualty was filmed in Bristol and my school was frequently used for filming so I’ve been an extra on the show.

Keep in touch

I’m really keen to hear views on the current newsletter, what’s the best bit that you can’t miss out on? It’s OUR newsletter, so get in touch with your thoughts/ ideas on the new format. keela.shackell@ourlovesfarm.co.uk
Keela Shackell, 29/10/2012