Faster broadband for Love's Farm?

There's so much that we like about living on Love's Farm.... but one of the most common gripes is the pitiful (by modern standards) broadband speed. BT missed out Love's Farm from the Infinity roll-out in St Neots for reasons best known to themselves, and Virgin missed the boat when it came to laying cable.

Connecting Cambridgeshire is a plan to use government cash to roll out superfast broadband across Cambridgeshire. It relies on a show of public support in order to attract additional private funding.

We need everyone to sign up by the end of December. So far, there's been relatively little support from the community on Love's Farm - so when it comes to sharing out the cash there's very little to demonstrate that we really want it here.

So, please get signed up.... and get your neighbours to do it too! The campaign only needs one sign-up from each property, and it's dead easy.

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Marcus Pickering, 20/11/2012