Roads Update - 20th November

The next week will see major works on Great High Ground from Stone Hill all the way up the bus gate. This won't be the final surface, but should be a big improvement on what we have currently. During this period, there will be some closures during the day while works are carried out and the northern entrance via Priory Hill will be open during this time to provide access.

Following this, the final surface will be laid on Dramsell Rise and, concurrently, block paving work will be completed on Bawlins.

Finally, completion of remaining work on Stone Hill - to include final surfacing of the traffic islands - will be carried out. Carillion expect to move off site after this, and Station Square will be cleared.

Current estimate for commissioning of the bus gate at the northern access is "just after Christmas".

Thanks once again to Alex Bedford at Carillion for the update.
Marcus Pickering, 20/11/2012
Bry123 20/11/2012 16:40
Yet further delays to commissioning of the bus gate.

Yet more shocking communication from Carillion. In todays's post, the 20th, a broadsheet dated yesterday the 19th, notifying work starting today and enforced use of bus gate in certain hours. Is there really no project planning and public relations in existence here? Marcus, should we really be thanking Carillion?

Marcus Pickering 21/11/2012 09:11
We've all known for some time that these works are imminent. I agree that a day's notice isn't ideal, but I think detailed planning of these projects is very difficult and highly dependent on many factors, including some unpredictable ones such as weather.

Personally, I would prefer they push on and get things done as quickly as possible, rather than be restricted by the constraints that would inevitably be conferred by having to adhere to a strict and published timetable (which would have to incorporate a good deal of slack to allow for the unpredictable factors).

The work will be an inconvenience whenever it is done, and however it is communicated. The good news is that it is nearly finished.

On your final point, yes of course we should thank them. Whatever issues we may take with any of the contractors there is no sense in destroying relationships by refusing basic common courtesy. Alex has spent a good deal of time on the phone with me over the last few weeks to help where possible - something neither of us is compelled to do.
Nick Watt 01/12/2012 22:12
Hi Marcus

Was wondering if you knew when road surfacing work will be carried out on Alsop Way?

The road is utterly appalling.

A digger this week has been parked in the road which is promising but we've had no information through the post on when work will start.

Marcus Pickering 03/12/2012 14:54
As far as I understand it, the indvidual developers (Persimmon in the case of Alsop Way) are responsible for internal roads on their plots. Gallaghers (and their subcontractor, Carillion) are responsible for the main spine roads, or those that form the boundary between developers.

So, Alsop Way is Persimmon's responsibility (not Carillion's) and so I'm afraid the timing of resurfacing on Alsop Way is likely unconnected to the current crop of works.

Your best bet is to contact Persimmon directly and ask them.
niglin 11/01/2013 19:02
Now that we've finally got some decent road surfaces, why are residents irresponsibly parking their cars on the pavements. In some cases they completely blocking access for pushchairs or wheelchairs, forcing them onto the roads to get past. This is an accident waiting to happen!