Charles Church Site

Some issues have been raised concerning the Charles Church development. Here is their response:

Starting from next week the road cleaner will clean 3 times a week instead of 1.

They have ordered a piece of equipment that they can fit on to a JCB and this will be used for additional cleaning to be done frequently  by them.

The water leak has been fixed. They punctured a pipe when they were putting down a pavement.

Site screening is there to provide some security and also hide the construction work. Visibility is likely to be similar  when the houses  are built as it is now.

The disruption to the pavement near the show house is  necessary due to the  repositioning of services previously put in by Gallaghers.

Anyone wanting to look at the site plans is welcome to visit the site office.
Bev Morrison, 08/12/2012
Sharon Nicholson 06/01/2013 22:01
hi just logged on and wow! a response about a question i raised MONTHS ago. that was regarding the obvious danger of the 'blind' bend with the then 'fence' around it, and secondly about the state of the road with no-one appearing to clean it on a regular basis, but hey, i dont own my property i'm only in social housing so my opinion is unlikely to count for anything, which would explain why i didnt get a response from charles church in the first place! still, better late than never....
Mowinch 16/02/2014 18:03
I do own my own house, but got he same response as you!However the road state has improved lately, but the drivers of the great loaded lorries still think that they have right of way always, over the residents no matter what the highway code stipulates.Charles Church staff have no consideration for residents.