X4 bus service to be axed

The X4 bus service which links Love's Farm to the town centre and to Cambourne and Cambridge, and which was only introduced in June this year, is to end on February 10th.

Since the bus service was introduced it has been on permanent diversion due to repeated delays to the completion of the bus gate which would have allowed the service to enter via Priory Hill.

There is to be a local bus service to replace the X4 - likely serving only the town centre and nothing further afield - but no timetables have yet been published. More news to follow when we have it.
Marcus Pickering, 22/12/2012
Bry123 02/01/2013 16:09
Will be fascinating to see if the new bus route will actually make use of any bus gate at the Priory Hill entrance or reverts to the Stone Hill Dramsell Rise route of old.
The no entry signs at the proposed bus gate are covered over at present permitting free access to and from Priory Hill. Is this a short term feature or result of considerable public comment on the access issue? Thanks

PhyllisH 04/01/2013 14:26
We really don't care what the bus number is so long as there is one! And preferably that serves a large part of Loves Farm. I'm afraid that rather than walk to and cross the main road I have been getting the car out!
Marcus Pickering 07/01/2013 15:43
Sadly, it's not just the number that will change. From what I have heard it will only be a local bus (into town) and not to Cambridge. If it's anything like the X4's predecessor, it will be infrequent.

Bry123 - the free access to Priory Hill is currently a short term measure to provide alternative access during ongoing roadworks. I'm not aware that there are yet plans to make this permanent, though Cambridgeshire County Council are looking at the possibilities.