New year SMART day


Wow, that’s better! Both the weather and the turn out were good for this, the second of our rebranded litter pick days. Of course we could still use more volunteers but, led by the example of the committee of LFCA (special thanks), that will come. And there are still some unsightly areas that we could not touch today, because the ground is so sticky. We will get there too.

Hopefully there will be a photo of our Landfill product, and our recycling will fill at least two wheelies. Well done us.

Several people that I spoke to while in my HiViz  SMART vest indicated that they thought I was one of “them” ! Easy mistake! But what they meant was that I was a member of Loves Farm Community Association, to which I answered along the lines of “Aren’t we all?” 

I also had several comments/excuses/accusations about contractor’s rubbish, and I admit there is some in the building areas, but to be fair the litter in the south west of the Farm is nothing to do with contractors, or for that matter, lack of bins.

Various improvements/ideas were suggested today and I will explore them all. I still need a couple of people (who are not already “one of them”?) to join me in a small subcommittee to address these matters. Anyone out there?

Volunteers and critics contact me on 01480 211398 

Phyllis Hooper, 07/01/2013