Join the events team!

A blank events calendar for 2013 needs filling...

Over the past two years, I may have met you at an event or meeting, I'm the bingo caller/quiz master/raffle ticket seller/requested a photo of your pumpkin/annoying lady that may have made you do something silly! (if so sorry!)

I have organised many events over the past two years and plan on more in 2013 and beyond (especially when we have our community building) but we need helpers, new ideas,and skills.

We are looking for new members for the Events sub Committee for LFCA.

Is there something you would like to see held here at Love's Farm? have you got an idea you would like to try? Or would you just like to get involved helping out at events on the estate?

How little or how much doesn't matter, and it would be great if you could please get in touch!

You don't have to join the main Committee if you don't want to, you don't have to attend every event either but be happy to meet up as a sub Committee at least every other month, to help organise, plan and help promote events and the sense of community.

I enjoy it!... I am very proud of the estate and its residents, the community association, have had lots of laughs and met some lovely people.

So, I hope I see many of you in 2013. Whether it be as new member of the team or at an event, join in!

Any questions please email me at


Events co-ordinator for LFCA
Emma Lovelock, 16/01/2013