Become a member of BPHA's representatives group

bpha currently has vacancies in the Resident Scrutiny and Improvement Group

This team of residents work in partnership with us to monitor our performance and improve services to customers. This role uses a range of skills including research, monitoring performance information and scrutinising service delivery and applicants will be offered training to develop these skills to prepare them for the role.

RSIG play a vital role in supporting us and ensuring action we take has input from residents. Working on a range of projects from scrutinising the customer communications channels to looking into the services we have on offer. 

If you are a bpha resident and would like to get involved and make a difference, apply for a position with RSIG today. We offer an attractive expenses package and training where members develop desirable employability skills and an understanding of how the organisation works and its role in the housing sector. 

Complete an application form online at or call 0330 100 0272 to find out more.