Icy roads - TAKE CARE!

Love's Farm hasn't been gritted and so the compacted snow has made the roads very treacherous. Please drive with extreme caution.

In particular, it's almost impossible to stop at the junction between Stone Hill and Great High Ground when coming off the bridge, so please approach this junction with the greatest of care. If you're driving along Great High Ground, please be aware that drivers coming off the bridge may not be able to stop.

Marcus Pickering, 18/01/2013
Sharon Nicholson 20/01/2013 01:01
Hi all
I did pre-warn everyone a while ago about the nice supersmooth blockpaving that is likened to an ice rink when covered in snow that compacts to sheet ice. I hope no-one has had a collision there as it could be very serious. BUT, if it was adopted then it should be gritted(one day). AND, if they had used decent tarmac like they have on most main roads instead of the nice smooth loves farm then it probably wouldn't be much of a problem at all. I know that its slippery when icy, ask my neighbours whose garden wall I smashed into before xmas whilst turning into my parking space. As you can imagine i was only doing a couple of miles an hour and i hit the only patch of ice in the carpark and nothing responded. No steering, no brakes, just me hitting the wall with the corner of my car. The car wasn't too bad, but the wall however wasn't as lucky and unfortunately it had to be pulled down, a whole big section of it. Mind you there were no pillars to it and not tied in as im told. Could CCC not put a couple of boxes of rock salt on site at various locations so residents could grit at dangerous points themselves??
Marcus Pickering 21/01/2013 13:32
The roads won't necessarily be gritted just because they're adopted - most residential and side streets don't get gritted.

Having said that, bus routes do get gritted - so maybe things will change when the new bus starts.
Sharon Nicholson 21/01/2013 17:16
Hi Marcus
Yes I didn't mean all the roads, just the main through road, and you say maybe when the bus starts, but I thought it was dropping as mentioned on another forum?
Marcus Pickering 22/01/2013 11:32
The X4 is going. There will be a new bus, the 62, to town.