Retail Centre Update

Work was due to start on the construction of the shops during Autumn 2012 with opening slated for Spring 2013, but so far the site remains empty.

We asked Gallagher for an update and they told us that there is a 'technical problem' but they aren't able to say more than that at this stage. They will, however, be able to give more information by the end of January 2013.

The retail centre was finally given planning consent in Spring 2012 after repeated delays and mistakes in planning and originally was to consist of a foodstore and 6 smaller units. This was reduced to 5 smaller units in a subsequent planning application.

Gallagher stated they had signed an Agreement for Lease with Tesco for the main foodstore, but Tesco have not publicly confirmed this information.

As soon as we have more news, we'll publish an update.

UPDATE 1/2/2013: The update that was promised 'towards the end of January' hasn't yet materialised. We're waiting to hear from Gallagher on this.
Marcus Pickering, 23/01/2013
Russell Eades 24/01/2013 12:44
Is there any news about the developments supposed to be built along side the railway line up to the site of the new railway station? Have they allocated a house builder yet for those developments?
Marcus Pickering 24/01/2013 16:33
Nothing announced, but Bovis are building on the small plot next to the school - and this has been described as the 'first phase'. So I would guess Bovis have at least some of those other plots too.