Retail Centre Update - Feb 2013

Despite having been promised an update from Gallagher at the end of January, there is little to report.

As things stand, a contractor has not yet been appointed. With an 8-month estimated build time, Gallagher are currently slating completion for the end of December 2013.

There is some vague notion that things may become clearer in the next 2-3 weeks - I'll report anything I hear, but otherwise I wouldn't bank on doing any shopping on Love's Farm before 2014.
Marcus Pickering, 05/02/2013
Sharon Nicholson 06/02/2013 00:00
2014? What a surprise. Just as well no old people live up here then..when are they starting the eastern expansion?
Marcus Pickering 06/02/2013 09:04
2014 was my guess. 2013 is still what Gallagher are vaguely saying.

The eastern expansion hasn't gone to planning yet, so date for that just now.