Playing on Love's Farm - please respect our neighbours


Hunts District Council have contacted us to let us know that there have been some issues around the Bawlins play area (that's the tarmac one with the snakes and ladders) where young people have been playing with balls which have been striking the nearby houses. This play area is unsuitable for ball games so please encourage your children to play in the larger open spaces.

Woodridge Copse ("Auntie's Woods")

Children have been making dens in the copse area of Woodridge which obviously can't be stopped. Initially, this happened using broken off dead branches laying on the floor but now many small trees have actually been sawn down which is unacceptable and very dangerous. 

The council have had to do a lot of work in the last couple of weeks in this area as many trees have had loose/ dangerous branches or have died .  As with any woodland area they can't ensure that branches won't come down with the winds/weather and because of these issues they have decided not to put any new items of play equipment actually in the woodland area they are all now going to go on the surrounding outside areas of the wood.  They are still working on the final design with the Children’s Playground Company and will let us know as soon as there is more information and dates.

Thanks to Jo Wolstencroft - Green Spaces Officer at Huntingdonshire District Council - for the update.

Marcus Pickering, 19/02/2013