March – Grantchester, Hinchingbrooke Park and Aspley Woods

This month’s highlights include –

Grantchester Meadows

grantchester(40 minute drive) – A very quaint village with fantastic dog walks, famous for writers such as Rupert Brooke and Virginia Wolfe. Park in the Orchard tea gardens (free), you can walk along the river into the heart of Cambridge and then back again for tea. At £10 for tea and cake for 2, the prices are steep but afternoon tea, sat on a deckchair in such a quaint village is a real treat.

Hinchingbrooke Park

hinchingbrooke(25 minute drive)– the park that has everything! A playground, a café, visitor centre, large playing fields, BBQ area, picnic benches, lakes, a woodland and even an outdoor gym. A mixture of paved footpaths and a few soggy areas but it’s a really pleasant place to walk. £2 to park. 

Aspley Wood

aspley(25 minute drive) – One of the largest woodlands in Bedfordshire, free parking but the lack of signage means you get lost pretty quickly but it doesn’t matter, it’s a dog walkers heaven, you walk for a long time without seeing anyone. Popular for biking and horse riding too.

Keela Shackell, 19/03/2013