Railway Footbridge Update

On 25 March Network Rail, First Capital Connect, Councillors, Loves Farm Community Association and residents attended an update on the new railway bridge to St Neots train station. The plans are now in detailed design phase and we saw the designs, including 4 lifts and a staircase. This is slightly different from previous versions where a ramp was suggested. Work will start from May 2013 and due to finish February 2014. Work will begin before May to remove vegetation.

A new bridge will be constructed slightly further up the track, and the old bridge eventually demolished. There will be minimal disruption in the daytime as the work will be carried out overnight and weekends. However, there will be construction equipment on site, and the waiting area will be relocated during the building work. The taxi office will also be moved to the other end of the station until the bridge is built. Residents will be kept up to date by the poster boards in the station and local neighbours will be advised if significant noise/ dust is expected. The main contractor, Murphy, mentioned they would be publish key events when they will happen so if anyone is interested in watching they can - though these are likely to occur late at night!

The design of the new bridge is similar to Huntingdon station, fully enclosed. There will not be parking available on the Loves Farm side of the station. A discussion needs to be had with the County Council becuase parking restrictions cannot be put in place until the roads have been finished and adopted by the authorities. Much of the conversation at the meeting was on concerns over parking. Enforcing parking restrictions was also raised as a major concern.

The bridge will be open 24/7 for general access from Love Farm into the rest of St Neots. Access to the platforms will be via ticket barriers that are located in a separate area of the main walkway across the bridge.

As for the current building, First Capital Connect are in discussion with the coffee shop and taxi company to investigate whether the space currently used as a ticket hall could be used as a cafe/ taxi waiting area.

For further information, take a look at the noticeboards in the ticket hall at St Neots train station, and we will keep you posted with updates on the facebook group/ website and articles in the newsletter.

Thanks to Colin Chaplin for additional notes.

Keela Shackell, 27/03/2013
RAPS 07/04/2013 15:02
Where can a picture/details be found? I asked FCC to send me details but they didn't.
Marcus Pickering 09/04/2013 11:24
There's an earlier article with the link to planning application, which has drawings:

If you can't manage to find it on the planning portal, let me know and I'll dig it out for you.