Cold Callers

A resident got in touch with the following advice:

I have just reported a cold caller to the Cambs Police 101 number.

"Hawkers" are young lads who knock at the door saying that they are from a Young Offenders Institute and are selling cleaning goods as a sort of rehabilitation. They are usually bogus and are in fact a cover for (distraction) burglaries. I have just had one at the door by the name of Bobby Lee, from Middlesborough, working for "Creating Work UK". A quick Google search shows that this company does not exist.

If anyone has had a recent burglary, it could be linked to these callers and it may be worth asking people to be extra vigilant now that these youths have been in the area. They may have also been interested in copper piping etc in the empty properties.
Marcus Pickering, 22/04/2013
Sharon Nicholson 22/04/2013 23:34
Hi Marcus
Not sure about the 'distraction burglary' bit.. More than likely, find out whose house is empty in the daytime burglary. My daughters friend had her house burgled before Xmas (in Eaton socon)in broad daylight, in a small street, whilst all at work, school etc. They must have got in over the garden fence. However as there is still a lot of building work going on up here, people don't pay any attention to workmen in vans, hi viz tops, hard hats etc, so people should also take care to ensure that a bogus workman isnt hanging around. I do know for a fact that when little Paxton Samuel Jones development was being built 3yrs ago, lots of copper piping was left on site for a delivery driver to collect. However when he arrived, it had already been someone wearing a high viz top, dressed as a workman; also tools went for a walk aswell.