May – Overhall Grove, Barnwell Park and Harold Odell Country Park


Overhall Grove

overhall(19 minute drive) the largest elm woodland in Cambridgeshire. The w oodland is the site of a medieval house and moat, which is now home to a badger family. Alas no badgers out at the time but a very pleasant walk. However, there was only one circular walk, and one footpath but it was still nice. The best bit was that it was empty, great for dog walking. To get to the woods you park in the church car park and walk down the public footpath. It looks like you are walking in someone's garden.

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Barnwell Park

(43 minute drive) in the Nene Valley, just outside Peteborough has 15 hectares of meadow, rivers and lakes. £2:50 for car park, this well managed country park has abundant poo bins, always a dog owners treat. We walked around the outside of the riverside walk, luckily they had a great pdf map on their website.  We did the inner route too, past an amazing adventure playground. Until last month the park had a full time shop, but cut backs has meant it has closed it's doors. But it was very pleasant, they have lots of things to do such as nature trails. One problem, it's a long way to go for only an hours walk. 

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Harold Odell Country Park

odell(42 minutes drive)-  2 lovely lakes set in 144 acres, we did the longest walk around Grebe Lake. The parking was quaint, a £1 suggest donation that you don't have to pay if you don't want to. They have their very own poo collectors, and bags on the sides of the bins! There is a gravel path around the lake that is full of swans, ducks and geese. There is a nature area, skate park, mountain biking, fishing and tea shop. It has very few people. I did like the honesty box with bird food, on a chair with a baking tray on top of it.

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