SMART kids and others

On Wednesday 26th June we held our first SMART evening and for once the weather was kind. Again the turn-out was disappointing but I am pleased to report that we had some very keen young boys and a girl who all worked really enthusiastically. Thank you all. Announcing that they thought them “cool”, two of the boys took grabbers, and a supply of bags, home! If you catch them pinching laundry off the line let me know! But if you see them picking up litter give them the thumbs up and also let me know!

Now that litter on Loves Farm is much less of a problem than it was, SMART is looking for other ways of helping to improve our environment. Many of the” grumbles” are the responsibility of a council or a developer and their reason/excuse is usually lack of time and/or money. SMART may be able to help. If you let me know what bothers you we can consider how best to go about things.

Another suggestion put forward by your Community Association is the possibility of SMART being able to help older or disabled residents with concerns they may have about their surroundings. Again, let me know.

The next SMART is on the evening of Wednesday 24th July.

Phyllis Hooper       01480 211398
Phyllis Hooper, 16/07/2013