All aboard! New play area coming soon


The next play area will be calling at... Top Birches! A new train-themed play area aimed at the toddler age group will be arriving in the copse area to the north of Top Birches, close to Hogsden Leys.

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) has now adopted the large area of open space that runs from Top Birches up to Hodsden Leys. During the planning process for the Love's Farm development this space was earmarked to be a Local Area for Play (LAP). This type of play area caters for children up to the age of 6 years old and can be designed taking into account its surroundings.

Over the last few months HDC have been carrying out consultation in the local school and with residents on Love's Farm to ascertain their views and ideas. The younger children were very keen to have a “train theme” play area as they lived so close to the train station. HDC have therefore contacted a number of playground manufacturers who specialise in train theme play equipment to draw up some designs and ideas of what sort of equipment would work well in this open space. 

These designs have now been submitted and after a detailed evaluation we have chosen a small wooden train with carriages which will be incorporated in and adjacent to the copse area.  

This play area will be installed in the early Autumn and, as with all the play equipment areas on Love's Farm, it will be inspected and maintained weekly by Huntingdonshire District Council.

Thanks to Jo Wolstencroft at HDC for the update.

Marcus Pickering, 19/08/2013