UPDATED: Station footbridge ahead of schedule - 

The construction of the footbridge from Love's Farm to the station is well ahead of schedule, and the main span of the bridge has now been lifted into place.

Work will continue over the next couple of weeks to complete the steelwork, with remaining work focused on installing the lifts and fitting out the bridge.

Cambridge News have published a computer generated image of what the completed bridge will look like.

Update (09/10/2013): Cambridge News report that the bridge is expected to open in February 2014, 2 months ahead of schedule.
Marcus Pickering, 09/10/2013
Josh Evans 22/08/2013 14:45
Good news.
Alan Robinson 07/09/2013 12:58
Good news, though I imagine it will take some time after the main span is installed before it will be open for public use. I must say progress at the station doesn't quite seem as far forward as the newspaper suggests - they have stairs and lift shafts on either end of the bridge, but nothing yet down to the platforms. Hopefully they'll get busy over the next couple of weeks!
Erin Ville 16/09/2013 14:38
Its good to finally have this, especially with the winter weather coming
PhyllisH 16/09/2013 15:09
Excellent news too for wheel-chair and buggy users and those with huge suitcases, especially at rush hour!
Shaun Murdoch 23/09/2013 19:18
Guess they missed this slot, as the span isn't up yet - only half of it appears to be there at the moment, so I guess they need to build the middle (platform) pillars first.

Anyone got an updated ETA?
Alan Robinson 23/09/2013 20:15
According to (very small) posters at the station, they are now planning to lift the main span into place over the next 2 weekends (27/28 Sept and 4/5 Oct). They're closing part of the car park over those weekends to let the crane in.

Like you, I'm intrigued to see how they'll put it in place without the platform pillars.
Shaun Murdoch 25/09/2013 14:15
Thanks for the info Alan - hadn't noticed the posters!

We will watch with intruige (and enjoy the fall out the Monday after when it's used as an excuse for no trains!)