Community Building - good news!

Good News – at long last!

Last month I was able to report that some action was taking place in dark corners of several offices to try to complete the financial arrangements for paying for the Community Centre which is so essential to the success of the Association. 

Those discussions are proceeding apace. ….......Well, at the pace which is usual for Local Government! While you are waiting outside, the time taken seems interminable, yet when you are on the inside, there are not enough hours in the day to do all that you have to do. I feel an article coming on! THE RELATIVITY of TIME!

Didn't Einstein write something about it. If not, then Parkinson did.

“The volume of work required for any job, expands into the amount of time available!.”How true. How true is it in our present circumstance? I do not believe it is true. There is a lot of work being done at speed, on our behalf, by three Local Authorities. We are very fortunate to have all this talent at our disposal. (That is not quite the truth! The authorities were there before we arrived!) However, the three authorities are:-

Cambridgeshire County Council : who have a need to find a suitable piece of ground within the Love's Farm development for their planned children's facility. We have the only piece that may be suitable, with Planning permission agreed, (which may need adjusting but is for a brick built unit, which is what they require.) A lot of investigation is taking place.

Huntingdonshire District Council : are revising the specification of the building which was tendered for last year, in an effort to reduce costs, but maintain the standard which both they and the County Council will require. We, as the prime users of the building, will have an entry into these discussions, as soon as the whole building has been assessed. This is where our input becomes imperative, and the committee members, who have sat quietly on their hands for a great deal of time , will be expected to give a lot of hours to the benefit of the Association.

St. Neots Town Council : has begun looking into the possibilities of a timber construction within the budget figure. Size and Planning permission would become major factors in the time scale of the project.  It is a matter of conjecture as to what the building looks like, and how long it will be before we can submit something for approval. The staff will be required to work a shift pattern created for them, but which  is noted on the main meadow.
Philip Gibbs, 27/08/2013