Dog fouling: we're after you

It goes without saying that Love's Farm is a great place to walk dogs. There are many responsible dog owners living here who keep their dogs under control and who clean up their mess.

pooSadly, there are a minority who don't, and for you the message is clear: our community has had enough of this. We are fed up of stepping around (or in) your mess. We are fed up of clearing up after you. We are fed up of having your mess smeared on our kids' play equipment. We are fed up with it on our paths and our gardens. We are coming after you.

It's simple. If you own a dog, you are legally and morally responsible for cleaning up after it. We know that the vast majority of dog owners take this seriously. For the rest, you can be fined up to £1000 for allowing your dog to foul public areas.

Dogs are NOT ALLOWED in our play areas - even on a lead. 

If you spot a dog fouling, you can take action. Gather any information you can. Take photos of the offending dog or owner if you feel safe doing so. Get descriptions, details (date, time, place etc) and any other information that could help secure a conviction. Call Huntingdonshire dog wardens on 01480 388302 or pass information to us and we will ensure it gets acted on.

Let's work together to keep Love's Farm clean and safe for our kids and for each other.

Marcus Pickering, 15/10/2013