Many, many thanks to all the people, young and not so, who have turned out over the year to help tidy our Love's Farm. We have certainly shifted a lot of litter! We also have a lot more litter bins, so it is never very far to carry our wrappers and cans!


We are still keen to see if there are other areas in which we can be of help – small areas of tree or plant care, helping old or disabled people with their surroundings. We want to know your environmental problems. We might not be able to sort them all immediately but we may know the right people to do so!

We need loads more volunteers, so if you are interested in keeping our Love's Farm a place to be proud of,  here’s what you can do:

- Come to a meeting of LFCA
- Contact me direct
- Turn up to one of our SMART days

The next SMART days are:

4th January 
22nd February
5th April

Thanks again, have a great time at Christmas and see you on Jan 4th!

Phyllis                     01480 211398

Ben Pitt 04/12/2013 00:09
Four-year-old Finn had a great time picking up litter on Saturday. It was like a treasure hunt for him! Now he's demanding a grabber for Christmas. Anyone with young kids, this is a great way to get out of the house and active for an hour or two.

Thanks Phyllis for keeping it going through thick and thin.