Committee Meeting Agenda

The next LFCA commitee meeting will be on Wednesday 18 December, 8pm at the football club.

The agenda for this and all future meetings will be published in advance to give residents a chance to comment. Click here to view this month's agenda, and here to send through any comments, which will be raised on your behalf in the meeting. Alternatively, feel free to attend the meeting in person – everyone is welcome.

The LFCA is looking for volunteers for a range of projects and responsibilities, from police liaison to broadband improvement. Take a look at the agenda to see if there's anything you could do to help. On the agenda you'll also see some proposed changes to the LFCA constitution. The main motivation is for less talk and more action, but please note that these changes are not yet final. They're up for discussion in this month's meeting, with a view to agreeing them at the next meeting in February.

Ben Pitt, 10/12/2013