Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the LFCA committee meeting on 18 December 2013 are now available - please click here. Below is a quick summary.

There are lots of jobs for the LFCA to work on, so the main thrust of the meeting was to establish who would look after which areas. Here's what was decided:

Parking issues: Izzy Powell 
Responsible dog ownership: Phyllis Hooper, Ben Pitt
Neighbourhood watch: Izzy Powell
Finance: David Wells, Emma Lovelock
Youth service providers (YSP) grant application: Kirsty Pitt
Round House School liaison: Edward Norton
Eynesbury village association/ time bank liaison: Izzy Powell
Community centre: Edward Norton, George Yazigi, Colin Chaplin, Ben Pitt, Philip Gibbs
Website: Ben Pitt, Marcus Pickering

There were no objections the proposed changes to the LFCA constitution, which moves from 12 to six committee meetings per year to give committee members more time to get things done between meetings. At its next meeting in February, the committee intends to set itself goals for the year.

To those who have volunteered to be street reps, Emma and Keela will be in touch soon to get this up and running.  There are still lots of streets waiting for a rep, though - see below. If your home is on the list below and you'd like to help, please get in touch here.

Clark Drive
6-56 Great High Ground (South)
Cambridge Road
Pattison Court
Oliver Way
Embry Drive
Ash Tree Lane
School Drive
121-163 Great High Ground
Alsop Way
Wiston Way
The Runnells
Leveret Way
The Warren
Briar Court
Gorham Way
Fox Covert
Lucas Crescent
Station Square
Kester Way
Belland Hill
Alvey Road
Hull Way
Field gate Close
Anderson Close
Harvest Drive

Ben Pitt, 12/01/2014