Parking - do you care?

The long-awaited footbridge connecting us to the station is due to open early this year. Whilst this will be welcomed by many of us, some residents are rightly concerned that Love's Farm will be blighted by commuters parking here to avoid charges at the station.

There is no obvious solution to this problem, but we are looking for volunteers who can work together to liaise with our councillors, developers and railway companies to see what can be done. If this is something you feel passionate about, and can spare a few hours to help out, please get in touch -

If there are enough willing volunteers, we will expand the scope of this group to look at other parking issues on site - including match day parking around the Football Club and irresponsible parking by residents.
Marcus Pickering, 21/01/2014
Chris Jackson 22/01/2014 22:57
Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted comes to mind. Not a criticism as such, but an observation that this issue has been on the cards for the last 5 years and those in authority (not LFCA) haven't had it on their radar. Watch Councillors, Gallachers, Council etc start pretending that this is a new issue, when really its been inevitable for years. Short sightedness.
Marcus Pickering 23/01/2014 08:21
This isn't quite true. Unfortunately, most of the legally viable options can only be enacted once there is actually a problem, so there is little more that could have been done until now.

As it turns out, Gallagher are being extremely proactive on this and have organised a meeting between Councils, police, railways and local bodies (no mean feat to get all these agencies together). It's really in everyone's interests to find a solution, so I'm quietly confident...
Alan Robinson 25/01/2014 13:09
It's good to hear Gallagher are being proactive. As the landowner for the next few years, until the roads are adopted, they're the only ones who can take any action in the short term as far as I can see.
PhyllisH 06/02/2014 15:18
One of our problems is inconsiderate parking by Loves Farm residents. And to be fair that is not always their fault. For example near me we have, on a corner a 4-bed house with neither Garage not Designated parking space. Many of us also have two cars, one DPS and a garage full of "stuff"! Mia culpa! Alas things will get worse before better but it does keep the speeds down, navigating obstructions!