Railway Footbridge Opening Soon

The official opening of the new footbridge and lifts is on February 19th 2014.

Network Rail have been unable to confirm when the bridge will actually be open to the public, though reports suggest that the bridge (not lifts) is already in use on the town side of the station. Works are continuing to complete the approaches on the Love's Farm side.

The slideshow shows the construction of the bridge. Thanks to Network Rail for the photos.

Marcus Pickering, 09/02/2014
Alan Robinson 09/02/2014 19:52
The new bridge came into use on Friday 7th. The old bridge was in use in the morning, but when I came home everyone was directed over the new bridge. Only to the town side of the station - the exit to Love's Farm was blocked off, and the lifts were also not in use. It looks like there is still work going on to build a path on the Love's Farm side. Hopefully that will all be completed by the 19th