New bus stops

Please note - the deadline for comments is 28th March.

New and re-located bus stops are planned for Love's Farm.

A sum of money has recently been made available to improve the waiting facilities on Cambridge Road, near to the Love's Farm.  The County Council, in partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council, aims to do this by providing bus shelters and areas of hard standing, accessed by paths.

We have identified potential locations on Cambridge Road for the bus stops to be located.  These are near to the original locations, before they were moved to a temporary location following concerns about boarding and alighting from buses on grass verges.  The bus stop for buses towards Cambridge would be located near to the road on the grass verge area outside number 123 and the bus stop for buses towards St Neots town centre would be located near to the road on the grass verge area opposite number 131.

Stagecoach has recently amended the route of its town service linking Love's Farm to the town centre now the rising bollards near to Priory Hill are operational.  Bus stops are required in the new section of route between Stone Hill/Great High Ground and Hogsden Leys/Priory Hill.  We have identified suitable locations in Great High Ground (outside and opposite house number 151) and Hogsden Leys (outside house number 60 and house number 67).  The new bus stops will allow residents to access the bus in this part of the development.

The new route of the town service will also mean that the bus will operate in both directions in Dramsell Rise and Great High Ground.  There are already stops in one direction but stops are now also required on the other side of the road.  We have identified the layby in front of the play park between Stone Hill and Pattison Court as one location, and the junction of Great High Ground and Dramsell Rise in the Station Square area as another.

We would be grateful for any comments you have about these new bus stops by Friday 28th March 2014. Please send your comments to LFCA, who will compile them and pass to the County Council.

Thanks to Andrew Hunt at Cambridgeshire County Council for the information.

New stops on Hogsden Leys
Hogsden Leys near rising bolla

New stops on Great High Ground

Great High Ground near Day Clo

New stop near Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

New stop in Station Square

Station Square

New stops on Cambridge Road

Cambridge Road

Marcus Pickering, 13/03/2014