Love's Pharmacy! 

In spite of tough opposition from Boots, Lloyds, Co-Op and Tesco, two local businessmen have been successful in having a pharmacy licence approved and will be opening for business in the last remaining retail unit on Love's Farm in the Autumn.

Love's Farm residents produced an overwhelming show of support with numerous emails in support of the venture in the face of tough legal opposition from St Neots' existing high street pharmacies.

The businessmen behind the pharmacy plans have asked us to pass on thanks for your support and are looking forward to providing an excellent local community pharmacy. We will be in touch in the near future with a survey to help determine how best they can serve us.
Marcus Pickering, 10/06/2014
Ben Pitt 10/06/2014 19:29
Love's Pharmacy - I hope they go with that for the name!
RAPS 20/09/2014 14:45
Any further news?