SMART Work! 

Many thanks to those who turned out in the drizzle knowing the weather would get better! It did. Pleased to say litter is much less than it used to be, though I have to name and shame the area around the MUGA, despite there being two bins in easy reach. If your children use this area, please can you ask them to use the bins and not to smash glass!

We found some wonderful “camps” and aren’t we lucky to have so many trees and shrubs around that we can make camps and dens! Just one warning; eons ago when I was making these I was told NEVER to leave rubbish behind because it would show the bears, rival campers, parents (or worse) where our hide-out was!

Good camping until the next SMART Day, Saturday 23rd August, (ready for the Big Lunch the following weekend,) but we don’t want to know where you’ve been!
Phyllis Hooper, 09/07/2014