Are you on the map? 

Many of you will already have used the excellent map of Love's Farm on OpenStreetMap. Most of the work for this was done by a previous chair of LFCA, Carl Jones, who moved away in 2012.

I've done a little bit of work on the map to add some of the new streets, including Field Gate Close and Harvest Drive, but I'd be grateful for input/feedback on the areas of the map around where you live or are familiar with. If a road isn't listed, or this is an error or a significant missing landmark, please get in touch and I will endeavour to update or correct.

I'm also submitting the same edits to Google Maps - but they have a much more strict policy of reviewing changes so we may not see these quite as soon. Again, please let me know if your street (or another you know about) is missing and I'll get it submitted if possible.
Marcus Pickering, 02/09/2014