And the Winner Is... 

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM on Friday, and congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Love's Farm Community Champion Awards. There's lots going on at the community association, but we know that there are people who aren't part of LFCA who contribute a huge amount to making Love's Farm a better place to live. Thanks to all those who got in touch to nominate their friends and neighbours.

award winners

The Good Neighbour Award was won by Claire Price. Claire has organised a street party on Fox Covert for the past two years. She has involved the children on the street in decorating and making bunting for the street. She is also the first person to send round cakes and biscuits when they've baked too many.

The New Venture Award was won by Caroline Henderson, who set up the walking group that meets on Tuesday mornings at 6am at the Pirate Ship. Caroline also has a knack for finding stuff, and has reunited keys, cameras and bikes with their owners. 

The Green Fingers Award was won by Tsjitske Dotinga-Tubbs. While many front gardens are just grass, weeds and plants put in by the builder, Tsjitske and Nicolas's front garden is packed with flowers. 

The Newsletter Ninja Award went to Max Hooper, for being Love's Farm's most dedicated newsletter deliverer. He regularly delivers to over 100 properties and always asks for more!

The Attendee of the Year Award was won by Sam Claussen. Sam and her family have attended lots of our events including chocolate bingo, the Easter Egg hunt, scarecrow festival and Big Lunch. Sam often sends Emma updates and information for Facebook too.

The Outstanding Contribution Award went to Philip Gibbs. Philip was one of the founding members of the LFCA, and has been at the heart of community life on Love's Farm for many years. Katie Baldwin from BPHA sent us this message of thanks for Philip:

“Philip has been an absolute champion at Love’s Farm. He championed the community centre build, edited and delivered the community newsletter, made bat boxes, helped run events, chaired the sometimes challenging committee meetings, amongst many other things. Philip has played a major part in the development of the community at Love’s Farm and without his input, kindness and patience the community would not have grown with such solid foundations.
Above all though, for me, Philip is a Champion for friendship. We worked very closely together, on many projects and ideas to help the community grow into what it has. I spent so much time popping into Philip's house that I became familiar with Jenny’s dinners, changes to the dolls' house and other daily nuances. I got an insight into Philip's love-hate relationship with his computer, which gave us some real laughs, and enjoyed listening to Philip's poems. Philip and I have shared tears of joy and sadness throughout the four years we worked together. I’m very proud of the work we produced and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time plotting and planning with such a kind and humble person as Philip. I hope Philip accepts the award with a heart full of pride, he absolutely deserves it.”

Ben Pitt, 19/10/2014