Gardeners Needed 

BeeOur long-awaited community centre is due to start construction very soon (watch this space for more details). It will be managed by Love's Farm residents, and our team of volunteers have been very busy over the last 12 months preparing for the launch in summer 2015. 

One job that we're yet to start on is plans for the garden. There's a reasonable-sized space at the back of the building (approx 200 square metres), and at the moment it's a blank canvas. We need to put together a team of people who can take this project on: to come up with a design for the space, cost it up, raise funds and - once the building is handed over to us - make the design a reality. 

If you'd like to get involved in any or all of the above, please get in contact at

Ben Pitt, 11/11/2014