Posada – A Love’s Farm
Advent Adventure! 

Jesus Mary and Joseph Advent 2

So, what is Posada? Originally a Mexican tradition, it‘s the opportunity to house a simple nativity scene: Mary, Joseph and Jesus, providing a means of considering afresh the story at the heart of Christmas.  

All you need to do is go to the online calendar (or drop me a line) and add your name and address to a rota. The household who have had the nativity characters the evening before your date will deliver them to you for you to display and enjoy until they journey onto the next home! The nativity scene will come with a copy of the Christmas story for you to read and pass on, as well as one for you to keep.  

Any questions please contact me or click here to sign up directly via the online calendar with a date between December 1st and 23rd. (If you prefer not to share your phone number and/or address publicly, please just add your name to the calendar and let me know your details by phone or email.)


07938 803501 

Helene Tame, 30/11/2015