Fibre broadband update 

We have updates on both broadband street cabinets serving Love's Farm.

Cabinet 59 (eastern half of Love's Farm)

Resident Tom Roberts received this update from BT:

I have investigated this issue further with the local Cabinet Project Manager and our Directors Service Office and the installation of this new cabinet has been complicated as the power for this cabinet needs to be supplied by a an Independent Network Distributor and there have been complications regarding this issue.  There have been other delays but this is the main reason why the project has been delayed.

We have now been advised that work on this cabinet is expected to commence on 10-01-15. Shortly after this date we will receive a progress report and I will be able to update you further.

I apologise for the delay’s with the project and can appreciate your frustration. I will continue to review and provide further information once we have an update.


Cabinet 58 (western half of Love's Farm)

Connecting Cambridgeshire who are funding the upgrade of this cabinet have told us that work was on track for the cabinet to be live by the end of December or early January, so we should expect this one to be accepting orders very shortly. 

Which cabinet am I connected to?

You can determine which street cabinet number you are connected to by entering your phone number in BT's availability checker:
Marcus Pickering, 02/01/2015